How do you know if you have a well and pump problem?  

Doug inspects the power during a service call.

Doug inspects the power during a service call.

Some of the symptoms of a well or pump problem are obvious, such as no water at the tap, but others can be more difficult to detect. Low water pressure in your house is another sign of problems. You may notice it in one location, such as low water pressure in the shower, or you may notice the water pressure drops significantly when multiple things are in use, such as when using the dishwasher, washing machine, and sink simultaneously. Fluctuating and inconsistent water pressure can also point to a problem.

You may also notice problems with the water itself. If your water is discolored or dirty, it may indicate problems underground. Likewise, if you find air in your pipes, you could be experiencing a broken pipe or tank.

A severely rusted pipe can lead to leaks.

A severely rusted pipe can lead to leaks.

Upon noticing these issues, a quick look around your equipment can help tell you what is wrong. If you notice any leaks or water around your tanks and equipment, you may have found your problem.

Finally, the last place to check for a problem is your electricity bill. If you have an unexplained increase in what you are paying each month there are several possible explanations from your household water pump equipment. It could be the pump is too weak and is running 24/7 as a result. Or there may be a short in the pump causing it to draw more power than it should. Finally, a broken pipe in the well, house, or leak in the plumbing may cause pumps to run more often and for longer periods.

Wiring problems or shorts in the pump cam cause pumps to fail or work too hard, raising your electricity bills.

Wiring problems or shorts in the pump cam cause pumps to fail or work too hard, raising your electricity bills.

If you notice problems with your water pressure, water quality, or electricity bill, give us a call. We can track down your problem and repair it, usually in a single service call. We also offer maintenance to keep your well and water pressure pump system running great before problems happen. We’re here to help!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know when my pump is failing or has failed?

In most cases you will not receive a warning that the pump is failing. The pump will just stop running and you will lose all water pressure. Should your water stop and then start again, it is a sign of possible pump failure and therefore should be looked at by a service technician.


What do I do if I have no water? 

Just pick up the phone and call CP&S. Call 24/7 to schedule service at  1-800-633-1715. Arrangements will be made to get a service technician out to you.

How long will it take to repair?

Within a half an hour of arriving on site, we will diagnose the problem and give you an approximate estimate. The average service time is 2–4 hours from start to finish.

How can I get more water pressure?

Most water systems will operate between 40 and 60 psi. An adjustment can be made to increase the pressure. The maximum water pressure would be 80 psi. A professional should make the adjustment to the system.

Does my well have to stick out of the ground?

It is a state and local code that new wells drilled are 18 inches above ground. You can cover your well with an artificial rock, birdbath, or wishing well.

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Could it be my pump that is causing my electricity to double?

You pump may be running nonstop, thus consuming more electricity. There may be a broken water pipe or you may have a worn pump. A service crew can determine the problem and make the proper repairs.

Why does my water pressure surge?

Most likely, there is a problem with your water storage tank. The air charge in the tank has decreased, causing the pump to cycle rapidly. This problem can cause your pump to burn out prematurely. This situation should be addressed immediately.

How long will my water storage tank last?

A water tank will generally last 10 years. It will begin to short cycle as a sign that it is failing.

Can I increase my town water pressure?

Yes, you can. During the summer when people are using water for their lawns, the water pressure may be lower than desired. Installing a booster pump and tank will increase your water flow and pressure.

Did you know that the average household uses up to 600 gallons of water daily?